THE PAN-CIGAR instrument
PAN CIMS Instrument by Georgia Tech and NCAR

(hey, it's long and skinny and hot at the top!)

Contact Information:

Frank M. Flocke
Scientist III
PAN / Atmospheric Odd Nitrogen
Atmospheric Chemistry Division
National Center for Atmospheric Research
1850 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, CO 80305
Phone: +1-303-497-1457
Fax: +1-303-497-1477
Office: Mesa Lab, Room 385
PAN Lab: Room 174

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The "old" PAN-GC/ECD instrument
the PAN-CIGAR in the NOAA P3 during ICARTT 2004
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  • Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer
  • Based on reaction of PA radicals with I-
  • Fast (time resolution 0.25 – 2 seconds)
  • Sensitive (10-60 cts/pptv on background of 250 cts or less)
  • Very selective
  • Autonomous (no operator on aircraft required)
  • Eight different PAN species measured during ICARTT 2004
  • <400 lbs incl. cylinders and pumps

Download Fall 2004 AGU presentations on the CIGAR

Flocke et al.         Swanson et al.   

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