HIAPER Progressive Science Mission (Nov 21 - Dec 23, 2005)

START Experiment

(Stratosphere-Troposphere Analyses of Regional Transport )


  • Laura Pan (NCAR, PI, mission scientist))
  • Ken Bowman (Texas A&M, large scale dynamics, trajectory analyses)
  • Mel Shapiro (NOAA, co-mission scientist, flight planning)
  • Bill Randel (NCAR, co- mission scientist))
  • Sue Schauffler (NCAR, co- mission scientist))
  • Rushan Gao (NOAA, O3)
  • Teresa Campos (NCAR, H2O, CO, CO2)
  • Chris Davis (NCAR, Forecast, flight planning)

    Project info

  • Progressive Science Hotline (3 pm update each day): 303-497-1040
  • Project home site at EOL (where you can find file upload/download info and chat room info) ProgSci
  • Sept 14 planning meeting Jorgen Jensen overview ppt
  • Sept 14 planning meeting Laura Pan START overview ppt
  • Nov 17 flight ready meeting RAF overview ppt
  • Project email Log Book
  • vis data for John link
  • START Overview at the ProgSci workshop June 21 2006 link

    Forecast links

  • RAP real time
  • NCEP GFS Univ. Utah
  • COLA
  • Flow analyses, Texas A&M

    Satellite data

  • GOES Wisconsin
  • AIRS ozone
  • TOMS ozone